Yogi Gourmet Natural Products 
   100% Natural No Preservatives Add
  Hand Made Dairy Products 
  Mediterranean Food 
  FALAFEL        { vegetarian & vegan }
 Yogi Mean's Natural 

Hand Made Gourmet  Products.

No preservatives add 100% natural
ORDER TODAY GET THE NEXT DAY.[order before 1pm] 
PITA BREAD  { 60gr , 70gr , 80gr , 100gr }
regular and whole white.
Daily delivery [ No Saturday & Sunday ].
sale this product only wholesale .
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About Our Dairy Products 

Yogi Dairy is a  formed Boutique type dairy products manufacturer in Bangkok, operated and managed by a joint team of Expats and locals, all trained to the highest standards. We are delighted to share with you a wide range of tastes and textures that until now were not available locally, and are all made fresh to order without the use of artificial colors & flavors or preservatives. Our products are made from local cow & goat milk, that is pasteurized to specific temperatures and standards and is complying with Thai Health ministry regulations. All production process, including packaging, is traditional home made style without automation.


 Have a Dairy Day. 

Coming Soon !!!
Home Made Jams...
Strawberry , Cranberry , Blueberry , Mango 
Apple & Cinnamon , Pineapple , Peach.  
All Natural No Preservative Add !!!
Yogi Means Natural
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