We use 100% fresh whole cow’s milk along with carefully sourced ingredients to make our products in small batches using traditional, hand-made methods. Our expertly trained dairy workers manage the operation whilst constantly developing new products and tastes tailor made to customers requests and desires.


Yogi Dairy specialises in yogurts and soft and semi-soft  homemade cheese. Our products are being used by some of Thailand’s top chefs in hotels and restaurants all accross the country. From Bangkok to Chiangmai, you will be able to enjoy Yogi Dairy’s products in a plethora of restaurants and hotels.


All of our products are available in a range of sizes making things convenient whether you are a chef catering to a large number of guests or you are simply looking for some healthy yogurt for your breakfast.


We are delighted to share with you a wide range of tastes and textures that are now available in supermarkets and for home delivery. We only use freshly pasteurized milk and do not add any articficial flavours, colouring or preservatives. Where possible we also use locally sourced ingredients ensuring that our carbon footprint is kept as small as possible.

As a small boutique type operation, Yogi's advantages are in its innovative spirit, flexibility, adaptability and above all in the personal touch in which we treat all our customers, large and small.